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Investment Capabilities

Our solutions and services play to our strengths, offering you a focused range of opportunities to meet your individual investment needs.

Every investor is unique
For this reason, we develop tailor-made investment solutions for you. These can be freely configured according to your needs, both as a mandate solution and in the form of special or public funds. You benefit from our extensive experience in supporting institutional investors, including companies, insurance companies, pension funds, credit institutions, financial services institutions, associations, clubs, family offices or hedge funds.

Global platform
Via our investment platform in Luxembourg (Santander SICAV, investment fund in accordance with the UCITS Directive), Santander Asset Management offers access to investment alternatives that are approved for public distribution in many countries. The product range is based on the core competencies of Santander Asset Management and includes equity funds, bond funds and mixed funds with a global focus on Santander Asset Management’s core markets - Europe, Latin America and the USA.

Experts on site
The goal of every investment strategy is to generate added value for you as an investor. A thorough understanding of the market is essential for this. For this reason, local proximity is an important component in Santander Asset Management's investment process. That is why we are not only represented in all core markets in Europe, but also have an extensive network of our own investment specialists in Latin America, making us the largest international fund company in Latin America.


The new world
The cultural and economic development of Latin American countries has its own rhythm. While the search for investment alternatives in Europe or the USA is becoming more and more difficult, there are still attractive investment opportunities with potential in Latin America. With our solutions for Latin America, you too can benefit from this potential.

Anchored locally
With over 85 fund managers, analysts and economists in five countries, Santander Asset Management has the largest team of experts in an international asset manager in Latin America. In terms of locally managed assets, Santander Asset Management is the largest international fund company in Latin America with more than € 96 billion euros. Our local branches occupy leading positions in their countries: We are the leading asset manager in Argentina, the second largest asset manager in Chile and Puerto Rico, the third largest asset manager in Mexico and the only asset manager in Brazil to receive top ratings from Standard & Poor's (AMP1) and Moody's (MQ1). This excellent expertise forms the best basis for attractive investments.

Invest in Latin America
As part of individual mandates or special funds, we put your investment together according to your wishes.


Rooted at home. 
Santander Asset Management has over 50 years of experience in asset management in Europe. Since the founding of our first office in Spain in 1971, both our expertise and our local presence in Europe have been continuously developed and expanded. The German Branch was established in 2013.

Cross-national network. 
With an investment team of over 115 specialists in Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Portugal and Spain and assets under management of over 121 billion euros, Santander Asset Management is one of the leading fund companies in Europe. The close cooperation between the individual countries enables us to professionally analyse and evaluate financial markets and companies at their origin. The resulting in-depth knowledge flows directly into our investment process, in order to select the best investments for our clients.

Invest in Europe. 
As part of individual mandates or special funds, we put together your investment according to your wishes.


Anchored locally, at home  globally. At a time when financial markets are becoming more and more complex and the persistently low interest rate level makes the search for attractive investment opportunities increasingly difficult, selecting the right investments is crucial to investment success. With our Global Multi-Asset Solutions team, Santander Asset Management is the ideal partner for your investments. Our 25-strong international team of experts works across all times zones and around the clock, selecting and bundling the best investments for you from the various asset classes around the clock. In the interplay of local proximity and an internationally operating network of investment experts, the most attractive investments are selected for you. The optimal design of the strategy based on your risk profile results in an ideal investment solution.

Investing in multi assets. Not every investor has the same risk appetite when it comes to capital investments - but they all share the desire for an individually-tailored investment solution. For this reason, we work with our clients to develop an individual strategy for the optimal allocation of their assets - within the framework of individual mandates, special funds or mutual funds.