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Your Partner for Investments

The world's financial markets are becoming increasingly complex and the search for attractive investments is becoming increasingly difficult. The selection of a suitable investment is more important than ever - especially since there is almost no interest on savings.

Our goal at Santander Asset Management is therefore to provide you with advice and support when it comes to investing your money. That is why we provide you with high-quality investment solutions with which you can optimally implement your personal investment strategy.

In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to entrust the choice of the right investments to our experienced investment experts. To this end, we have developed strategies specifically for the German market that are based on your investor profile and invest your assets optimally across all asset classes.


Spread risks - seize opportunities. For those who want to invest money in the long term, the key is not to put all your eggs in one basket - i.e. one asset class. And yet there is more to it than just thinking once about the portfolio. Rather, active control of the individual systems is essential for long-term positive development. This process takes a lot of expertise and time. With the Multi Asset Strategies from Santander Asset Management we would like to give you this time. Unlike conventional equity or bond funds, the fund management is not limited to a certain asset class, but can select the best products for you from all asset classes. This differentiation enables an optimal response to every market situation and development. With the Multi Strategy Solutions team, Santander Asset Management is ideally positioned for this task. The 25-strong international team of experts takes care of selecting the best investments for you from the various asset classes around the clock.


Get out of the low interest rates. Those who want to invest their money securely nowadays do not have many options: There is almost no interest on savings balances and the yields on government bonds keep falling. Corporate bonds are more than just an alternative in this environment. They score points with a certain interest premium compared to government bonds.

Many companies are also characterized by a healthy balance sheet structure - in contrast to some countries. But where there is light, there is also shadow - that's why at Santander Asset Management you have an experienced team of experts at your disposal to select the best corporate bonds for you.


Against the background of persistently high national debt and the continued expansionary monetary policy of the European Central Bank, equity investments are an interesting alternative: They are real assets. With an investment in European stocks, you not only benefit from the economic upswing in Europe, but also have an element of protection against inflation. Let the specialists at Santander Asset Management choose the best European companies for your portfolio and give it more substance.


Santander GO stands for "Global Opportunities". It is a range of products managed through partnerships with external investment managers that we believe are the best in their respective categories (Absolute Return, US Equities, Global Equities, Global Flexible Bonds, and US Short-Term Bonds).

The global initiative enables a linkage of internal and external management capabilities, strengthens the offering in strategic asset classes and thus creates value for our clients