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A Month in the Markets

A Month in the Markets - January 2020

Investors can look back on a very successful year on the stock market. The global stock markets recorded the strongest rise in ten years.

A Month in the Markets - February 2020

The stock markets were able to take the momentum from 2019 into the new year. Not only the US leading indices reached new all-time highs several times. 

A Month in the Markets - March 2020

No sooner had the mood on the financial markets improved with the conclusion of the "Phase 1 Agreement" between the US and China than it was again burdened by the spread of the new coronavirus now officially known as COVID-19.

A Month in the Markets - April 2020

We are experiencing an extraordinary time. The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 is leading to massive restrictions in daily life and has a significant impact on economic activities.

A Month in the Markets - May 2020

In Germany, the Federal Government and the prime ministers continue to give top priority to health in the fight against coronavirus.

A Month in the Markets - June 2020

At first sight, there is a large discrepancy between the development of stock markets, which have recovered significantly from their multi-year lows, and the latest economic data.

A Month in the Markets - July 2020

The low point of the economic downturn caused by the corona pandemic was most likely passed through in April.

A Month in the Markets - August 2020

 The prospects for a sustained economic recovery has continued to improve in recent weeks.

A Month in the Markets - September 2020

At first glance, there seems to be a large discrepancy between trends on the financial markets and the economic situation.